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If your company is suffering under a burden of debt and delinquent taxes it makes sense to seek the assistance of a Chartered Professional Accountant. Unpaid business taxes can be a huge burden to businesses of all sizes, and agencies can be relentless in their pursuit of collecting those taxes. I can work with your business to resolve your tax issues and help get your company back on the road to financial stability. Whether you need to arrange a repayment plan or simply want help lowering your tax burden, I’m at your service.

The decisions you make regarding your taxes could impact your cash flow and bottom line. But tax laws can be complicated, and you probably don’t have the time to explore all of your options in-depth. Implementation of Bill 119 in 2013 has made WSIB compliance more complex and expensive for firms engaged in construction. With my background as Field Auditor with the WSIB for over 11 years I can help you manage your WSIB risk with minimized premium costs. So if you need tax consulting services or assistance with the WSIB premium minimization and risk management or representation for an audit from a qualified Chartered Professional Accountant contact me for a free initial consultation.

Everyone’s tax situation is unique. I can identify solutions that minimize the amount you owe and maximize your potential refund. I can dig through your books and receipts to ensure that you claim all credits and deductions you are entitled to. In fact, no matter what the scope of your project, you can count on me as Chartered Professional accountant for up-to-date knowledge of tax regulations.

Here is the list of other services available with us: Accounting, Bookkeeping.

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